Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Week of Thanks

I know that I bombard you kids with an ongoing list of little things that make me smile, but this week I want to put that on hold and try out something a teensie bit different.

With Thanksgiving coming along this week, I could easily write a post about how I'm thankful for the majors - Family, Food, Shelter, etc etc etc. But those will get covered at Thursday's grace.

Here on the bloggity blog this week I'm going list all the little things that I'm thankful for.

As many as I can....

I am thankful for:
  • The fact that Katie Mae and I can e-mail rando stories about anything and we've only known each other a few months. Some days I just need to blab about boys or the mundane insanity that is life.
  • The fact that there arrrrre books on CSS coding. annnd that I actually understand what they're saying. This new layout wouldn't be here with out em'.
  • Having a car, and being able to go for long drives to absolutley nowhere.
  • Summer Bailey Brown. Need I say more?
  • This Blog. It's my little place to be exactly who I am and have amazing people respond to my thoughts and photography.
  • The Fact that those same amazing people are patient with me as I take forever to post about my New Orleans Trip :)


~KS said...

Your new blog look is sooooo fun!!! I seriously love it!! I am thinking about a facelift on mine... once I have money, you might be hearing from me... I love your work!!!

And Summer... yes, enough said. She is amazing. Love her...

And love you too girlie!

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Loving the new look!!!

Summer is the best person ever!! :)

offswitchdesigns said...

shucks, kb, shucks... ;)
{ps: right back at you}

Megan said...

I love how you periodically change the layout of this blog. I love all of them! You are so talented!

Marguerite said...

Love the new layout! You are too much, cher! :)

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

Can you be any sweeter? Any more talented? Any prettier? I just emailed you cuz you were on my mind and then I head over here and see my name? I love you to pieces! You give me so much joy. Thank you for you.

This layout has me ready to suck some heads, darlin! Crawfish! Talked to Daddy and he said he was starting to deliver quite a few sacks. I want some! Hahah! Gosh! I love this layout! Seriously! You make me smile so big!


KatieSPerk said...

Ooh lala! love the new look!
I made beignets this weekend!! You inspired me with all of your fun Louisiana antics.

Rose Red said...

I'm thankful for blogging too. I never imagined I would make so many wonderful friends.

Allyson said...

i'm lovin' this new blog look. very cool!!!

happy monday doll :)

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

P.S. I'm adoring this new blog look! LOVE IT! And love all the wonderful things you're thankful for :-)