Sunday, November 22, 2009

Feelin' Jazzzzzy...

Woahhhhh, nah.
What the.....?
A new layout?

Oh yeaaaah.

I was in desperate need for a change. I went with a look that was bold, simple, and BIG. My last layout had me feeling congested and blah. So welcome to the latest look of Dixie Lust - something inspired by the fact that Crawfish Season is herrrrre (Sure they're still small and hard to peel right now, but they're here nonetheless).

And don't worry if you're not quite sure what the header above means.
It's not dirty, but it sure is messy.
Come down here and we'll show you how it's done.


off switch said...

i love that a "comment" here at dixie lust is not just a comment but a "sack of crawfish"! i'm also loving the font for the new design... very nice, you talented lady you! ;)

ps: teach me a thing or two so i can spruce up mine? ;)

Rachel/The Sheriff said...

Love the new design! I'm too chicken to suck the stuff out of the heads. :(

And I know that I STILL need to get you some info to get started on my site, but I'm a slacker, let's face it. It's on my list, but it keeps getting bumped. I know where to find you when I'm ready though - thanks for your patience!

Jen said...

From one cajun girl to another...

I love LOVE the layout.

Very very jazzy and classy!!