Friday, July 30, 2010


Yo homies! Just wanted to let you fab boy(s) and girls that I'm back from one completely amazing road trip to South Florida & I can't wait to share it with y'all... just as soon as I get over this nasty case of pink eye.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Little Thing 51

Waking up and rolling over to this sight...
Really, when you start a day like this, it's gonna be a good one.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Boca Bound: Prep

If you kids were wondering where I was all day, I spent my morning racing to finish my packing and the remainder of the day on the road. That's right. My roadtrip with SKing to Boca Raton started TO-DAY!

We're spending the night in Tallahassee, and driving the remaining six hours tomorrow. We've managed to squeeze in a ton of fun and a smidge of randomness - mainly some "menz" at the Wal-Mart in Chipley, FL & countless jokes about Climax, GA - but it's been a long one and tomorrow comes early...

On that note, I'll leave you with a little video we made of our Boca Preparations...

Cause really contacts, booze, a mexican muumuu, and some redonkulous dance moves are all you really need....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bruce Bruce ... Hollaaaa!

It's my daddy's birthday y'all!

Yep. We're 6 days (and a couple years) apart on the birthday sched....

Now, I know I posted this last year, but the whole slide show puts a big ole smile on my face. If you've already seen it, go ahead in re-revel in Bruce Bruce's glory and amazingness. If this is your first time, brace yourself... the stache is gunna get you.

Warning: The slideshow's a bit lengthy, so feel free to increase the speed or click above to view a gallery of the pictures!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Thing 50


That someone found my little old place in the blogosphere with the Google search term "underarm lust"

Right on with your curious self!
Welcome y'all.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm So Vain...

Also find this post under:
"Photoshop Can Only Do So Much"

Ninja & I photoshopped into submission.
Seriously... who stole my neck?

{five minutes ago}
{receive FB notice that SKing has finallllly posted up some Houston pho-toes!}
{realize that I'm a hot stinkin' mess in half of le pho-toes!}

((via text))

Me: OMG! Photoshop sil vous plait!

SKing: Aww! I'm at work and we don't have photoshop. I thought you looked cute.

Me: I joke. I kid. But I need to work on my poses for Boca!

SKing: We both do, although we have come a long way since NOLA

Me: Touche!

Let's all raise a lil' glass of vani-tea (Oy Vey! I litearlly cracked myself up wth that one...) and toast to an onward progression of photo fabulosity and bow our heads and ask for less wheres-my-neck-and-who-is-that-sweaty-gay-man-awkwardness in the Boca photos.

Mid Monday Inspiration

"I think the idea is that every person has to live for his or her own life and then make the choice to share it with other people. Maybe that is what makes people "participate."

— Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

Nerd Status: Up 10 Points

I spent a good part of my Sunday scouring Books a Million for a few books I could take along to Boca - cause lets face it, one of the best parts of beaching it up is getting lost in a really good book. My problem is that I only found one book that really caught my eye, The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff ... and cover drew me in so much that I read the back four times on the way home. Then I let myself read the first chapter when I got home - but only the first chapter I promised. Well, if you know anything about me, know this - I don't really "do" patience nor do I "do" self-restraint. The first chapter turned into me reading all 500+ pages in one sitting.

I'm Boca-bound in 3 days and book-less...

So please, dear lusty ones....
(That's your new name, I've decided... Try it on. Feels nice, doesn't it?)
Tell me you've got some great summer reads to recommend???

Please no Nicholas Sparks-y type cryfests though,... I enjoy having my SPF 70 not dribble down my face in a tidal wave of tears and snot.

Friday, July 16, 2010

To Each His Own...

So, everyones got their obsessions...
Some have their 'staches. Others have their Owls. And some even have their Lilly.
And while I think they're all adorable and completely loveable...
nothing has really "wooed my soul."

That is until I found my latest obsesh!


Yes... I know you're all "Crazy Southern Lady says whaaaaaaaa?"
But a few weeks back, I heard a truly hilarious story about an armadillo encounter
and now I can't help but giggle and smile every time I see one.

So you're sitting there going "Uhh...yeah that's cool and all, but Armadillo's aren't exactly the cutest thing to be obsessed with...."

Um. Well I scoured the internet and youre right....
Take a slighty odd animal and pair it with people's "etsy-ism"
You wind up with some pretty creepster stuff.

BUT I managed to weed through the creep,
and I'm proud to bring you the cutest armadillo stuff around.

Snuggle up with a Plush Armadillo

Channel a little Friends with The Holiday Armadillo T-Shirt

Bake up some delish Armadillo Cookies with this cookie cutter

Or give your steaks a little Armadillo branding

A lovely little original print

A onesie for your wee one

A lovely little print for the office

Just bought this pair of swirly armadillo notecards

Just love the colors in this print

Perhaps an armadillo decal for your laptop or mirror?

A women's screen printed v-neck shirt

But perhaps my favorite would be.....

If only I were brave and kooky enough to buy unisex armadillo boxer briefs for all my friends...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Got Cake Like Everyday My Birthday...

Shirt from Karmaloop

But wait Lil Wayne...

Consider this my first post of shameless 25th birthday promotion.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Claw & Hiss...Houston...The Trip: Last Will and Testament

((VIA ME))

To SKing, I leave you a bottle of Nair and a timer.

To MTher, I leave you a handkerchief in any color other than purple.

To Myself, I leave a weave-touching intervention slip.

To the (wo)man at the Texas state line, I leave you a key for those handcuffs (but only in exchange for an explanation)

To Ninja, Tre Von, & AGriff, I leave you a Secret Society pocket dictionary for decoding conversation.

To the Porsche Cayman, I leave you a third seat.

To the male "entertainment" at JR's, I leave you booty poppin' moves.

To the "gayborhood," I leave you streets on a grid system.

To SKing, I leave you a .75" ceramic spiral-coiled barrel curling iron and a bottle of face wash.

To the future guests of room 904, I leave you a bottle of Febreze to deal with ass-smelling couch.

To my credit card, I leave you locked up in-room goodies and a mini bar key that doesn't work.

To my future hungover self, I leave you a can of Grabeez Gummi Bears and two Advil.

To everyone who listened to us, I leave you a (few) grain(s) of salt.

To Alexan Post, I leave you a slightly less confusing maze of hallways, elevators, and parking garages.

To Ninja & SKing, I return your foreign accents with the added bonus of a sound proof room.

To Ninja, I leave you Woodchuck on tap. Trust's better.

To the Bartender at JR's, I leave you an adderall and some manners.

To Tre Von, I leave you a tiara ... we're so confused by drama queens.

To man in the Galleria Starbucks, I leave you anger management courses.

To the mannequins at Chanel, I leave you new wigs... and less creepy eyes.

To the sales people at Chanel, I leave you an eye roll and perhaps a gps locating device for each customer.

To Sanrio store, I leave you half my paycheck and my mailing address.

To Crave Cupcakes, I leave you the other half of my paycheck and the mailing address as well.

To Hotel Derek Housekeeping, I leave you a bottle of fingernail polish remover.

To Myself, I leave a year supply of shower caps.

To SKing, I leave a Tangueray and Tonic.

To Ikea, I leave you an hour and ten minutes - because despite what people say, that's all the time we need with you.

To Wicked, I leave you a standing ovation.

To Ninja, I leave you just onnnnne more pair of chopsticks and 2 fortune cookies.

To SKing, I leave a redbull and some sour skittles.

To MTher, I leave you an explanation to all this confusion.

To Ninja, I leave you early morning Snyder's Pretzels and blood sugar testing.

To Aladdin, we leave you the obvious Magic Carpet.

To Sang-Mi, we leave you a bee.

To Houston Restaurants, I leave you the Louisiana custom of splitting checks.

To the Bartender at Sherlocks, I leave you a season dvd of Tosh.0

To the mini fridge of 904, Ninja and I leave you Grotto's half salmon and half ravioli.

To Houston Weather, I leave you my eternal gratefulness for not raining.

To a random unknown location in Houston, I leave you two Hotel Derek Room keys.

To Ninja's car seats, I leave you my dignity and whatever smidge of grace I had left.

To Hotel Derek valet, I leave you way too much money and Ninja's time...oh and his car keys too.

To the streets of Houston, Ninja requests that I leave you a notice to fix the streets in the supposedly swanky part of town.

To the Nitro, I leave you new windshield wipers.

To Ninja's driving skills, I leave my surprise and wonder.

To the view of downtown Houston from the Hobby Center balcony, I leave you warm-fuzzy feelings.

To Final Fantasy VII, I leave you the promise that I'll get back to you when I'm less delirious and "Dilly-Dally Shilly-Shally."

To the Map left for me at the front desk of the hotel, I leave you warm fuzzy feelings a chorus of "awwwws."

To MTher, I leave you "Me Likey Mad Libs" on the drive home.

To Sking, I leave you 30 minute flights that dont cost $400 or a $35 train ride that doesn't take 5 & 1/2 hours.

To Ninja & Tre Von, we leave you our love and thanks for showing us your city and invitation to see ours.

To Houston, we leave you our love and a promise that we will be back, maybe even permanently.

I CRAVE You...


PHONE 1-713-62-CRAVE (27283)
FAX 1-713-622-7285

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

At Least She's Pretty...

...Because SKing can't flipcam to save her life.

Her two attempts from Saturday night at Sherlocks as follows:


Your in-blog sickness bag is located directly below your keyboard tray.

Note to Self:
Keep SKing away from the flipcam while rendezvousing in Boca.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Claw & Hiss... Houston... The Trip: Instax!

This kid and I

SKing & Moi.
We "likey" each other.

Just how we like it.
Super awkward.

Next on the agenda,
learning to control the "editorial look" &
the vampire eyes.

THE Claw & Hiss....
gentle meow style!

I know.

Houston, Texas...
I adored you.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thug with a Mug

Oh yeah... Thats a personalized crawfish mug made just for yours truly.
Who's a little bit of a badass?

Thats right.
I am.

Mug from the lovely and oh-so talented ( & I truly mean that.... mugs, pillows, ribbons, bags, coozies - they do it all!) folks at Fine Thread Art.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little Thing 49


Thinking it was Tuesday for half of the day, only to realize it's actually THURSDAY.
Can I get a huzzzzah?!