Wednesday, October 14, 2009

24 in 7

To be more specific,
24 things in the last 7 days

With the idea of my last post still fresh in my head and realizing that I've essentially been away from blogging for a week, here's a smidge of what life has been like for me.

In the last week, I....
  1. Ran into my beloved Pat the Lush not once but twice and reminisced about all the roadtrips we took to see Sons of William & Marc Broussard, joked that The Sheriff liked me better, and wondered what "Easy B" the merch guy was up to
  2. Had my Aunt reference The Boy formally known as Gentleman Caller by code name in conversation
  3. Got a little crush... possibly?
  4. Ate the wonder and holiness that is Panera Bread. Twice.
  5. Won the Roadside Photography Giveaway from Off Switch whilllle I was on a road trip [Oh, Irony - How I adore you!]
  6. Went old school and downloaded DC Talk's "Jesus Freak"
  7. Missed reading all your blogs
  8. Went for a 3 Hour Glucose Test that took 4 and a half hours
  9. Witnessed one of the most beautifully sincere weddings I've ever been to.
  10. Fell in love with all the green hills of Birmingham
  11. Laughed when people mistook me for "being with the band."
  12. Read Veil of Roses in one sitting
  13. Was diagnosed as Diabetic
  14. Have been in some sort of twisted Marc Broussard/Matisyahu/OAR music mood
  15. Decided that it's best to be barefoot
  16. Had 4 uhhhh-mazing guest posters here at Dixie Lust
  17. Wore my "Breakfast" Tee from Dirty Coast
  18. Shared my final "last meal" with LyLa
  19. Was shocked with weekend gossip
  20. Wished I could see my dad's side of the family more often - especially little Nathan & Aslan
  21. Enjoyed an entire hotel bed to myself while watching The Nanny & Frasier
  22. Dreamt of traveling for a living
  23. Launched my very own Blog Design site
  24. Been truly happy and excited about whats to come

I know. I know.

Some of those are teasers,

But no worries my lovelies, posts to come.


Katiesperk said...

Those glucose tests are the devil! I have done them 3 times. But you know what? The results usually end up making you feel better because you know what needs to be done!

You have had a very exciting few days. I also love Bham and just got back from a wedding there a month ago!

Jenni said...

So glad you're back!!!
My boyfriends entire family is diabetic so we have had to cook for diabetes a lot. There are a suprising amount of GREAT tasting foods. Particularly this one.... (Just put in the www)
Can't wait to hear more!!

Allyson said...

Sounds like you must have hit every emotion while you were out on the road. Can't wait to hear more :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post, it's always eye-opening to look back at a busy week!

Marguerite said...

Looks like you've been busy, cher! You really have a lot going on, with a new business and all. Congrats and best of luck with everything!

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

congrats on winning! you deserved it! yay!

i love matisyahu too. did you know that?

i like you are soooo creative.

i am sorry that you are diabetic. life is always giving us lemons, huh? babe, let's make lemonade and spike the crap out of it!

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

and i forgot to say...