Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OMG, is Confucius on Twitter? Like Whoa

Recently I read a little something (probably on Twitter - how philosophical of moi) that talked about how everyone comments on how fast the week, month, year etc. seems to go by but no one ever stops to realize that it's simply the pace of life.

[Yeah... let's let that one sink in for a bit. I'll wait right here]

I blew it off at first but it's become one of those nagging thoughts that keeps thrashing around and making its way to the front of my mind. And the more I think about it all - the pace of everyday life, the significance of the insignificant, the act of living your life with purpose - the more questions I have for myself.

I don't mean to be stuck inside my head or bring down the mood of the Blogger party - because it's not like that at all. I just simply want to be better.

It seems like time is flying by, but realizing that it'll never slow down - I want to make more of what I'm doing with it.

I feel like this blog - with it's ability to chronicle the little things, push me to do more, and let me meet so many amazing people - is a jump start. But as the story with most, I want more.

I'm sure this seems vague and out of left field to some of you kids, but just go with it.

"Embrace it. Fear it."
(To be truthful, I have no clue what the above means and I'm pretty sure it's a direct quote from The Lizzie Mcguire Movie but I tend to use it for any given situation - so just go with it)


off switch said...

i'm loving this post... and i totally think that a blog is a great place to present these ideas. i love reading about other people's perceptions of and confusions by life and all of it's mysteries {like time, our purpose, etc, etc, etc}.

{i had written much more, but instead of taking up your blog, i might just save my thoughts for off switch... thanks for writing this though, i love these sorts of posts!} ;)

Allyson said...

great post! i love it when my bloggies make me think :)