Saturday, October 3, 2009

Litttle Thing 24

{via text}

MTher: Hey What's up?

Me: Nothing much. You?

MTher: Watching a special on Russian prison tattoos...

Say wha?? There's an entire half hour (or hour ... oh my!) dedicated to this niche of tattoos?

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~KS said...

I am always amazed at what's on TV... who knew Russian prison tattoos were such a popular genre of inking!!

Gabby said...

Ha! That sounds like something that I would end up watching randomly. :)

Haley Williams said...

um. yeah, my husband basically forced me to watch the WHOLE entire episode of Russian tats. THEN i was lucky enough to be able to enjoy the subsequent episode on Mexican prison tats. Gotta love the History Channel.

turns out if you're Russian, and have star tattoos on your knees... it means you're a bad-ass because you won't kneel down to anyone.