Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'mmm Baccccccck!

Hmm... let's do a catch up post of sorts.
  • I'm back from Houston - and I had an amazing time! I cant wait to tell everyone about my little adventure at The Chocolate Bar!
  • I took 2 extra days off of blogging to veg out and treat myself to some ridiculous tv watching - Last night I caught the rerun of Kathy Griffin and Paula Deen on the D-List, which is totally my favorite! "You need a gay miracle ... you need a giracle!"
  • I'm extending our little photo contest through the weekend since I've been a little neglectful of blogging this week. The winner will be announced MONDAY 9.28.09.So get those entries in!
  • Tinsel & Treasure is the weekend - I'm going with my mum and company and I absolutely can not wait. LyLas has been talking this thing up for a year!


Marguerite said...

Welcome back, cher! I'll be going to the Sugar Cane Festival, too. See you there!

Ali said...

Can't WAIT to hear about The Chocolate Bar.

Katiesperk said...

Welcome back! I am a new follower and am planning on entering your photo contest just as soon as I get home and can access my arsenal of Southern Pics! Can't wait. Love the blog! Saw your post over at B is for Brown!