Thursday, September 17, 2009

Buzzzzzzzy Bee

Aside from my latest giveaway (Please Please Please ENTER... and that's not begging. Don't make me show you begging!), I've been a little scarce around here lately. Please don't think I'm ignoring your comments and blogs. I'll be around soon to comment back and read all that my bloggie friends are writing. I've spent the past two nights feeling absolutely inspired and working on a new little venture. I'll be giving all the details on Monday, when I return home from a weekend trip. But until then, I'll give you a ginormous hint on what I've been whipping up!


And once again, don't be shy about entering Dixie Lust's First Photo Contest!
No need to be from the South to enter - Just get creative and see what you can come up with the themed promt!


Summer @ B is for Brown said...

i love that you are designing blogs! ohmygoodness! what a talent.

ps--i want to enter but i dont have too many southern adventure photos...


Marguerite said...

It seems that their is no end to your many talents, cher. Have a fun weekend!