Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is the End...

Like it or not, the kids are back in school, the weathers changing, and summer is soon coming to an end.

So tell me dear lovelies, what was your favorite moment this summer?
Did y'all go any where exciting, see old friends, play in the water all day?
Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.


sa1tyeyes said...

my absolute favorite part about this past summer would have to be all the wonderful time i was able to spend at the beach with my family (and the golden glow i developed while there)
i just love beach vacations and i can not wait until next summer, when the cool ocean breeze and warm sand call my name... hmmmm :)

Ali said...

That picture is so adorable!

What did I do? Hm...worked, beached, know the drill. :)

Morgan said...

love love LOVE the picture in this post!