Friday, August 28, 2009

Lost in Translation

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a blog by one of the funniest and most talented guys I know of, Tim Landry. I could say I know him seeing as we went to high school together and I've seen him around Lafayette, but I don't want to give you the false impression that I'm a part of the Lafayette's ultra elite yet so very cooool Hipster Scene. More on why I'm not in a sec...

Tim re-blogged a piece (that I absolutely loved) about how if your favorite female lead from an indie movie were a real-life person, she'd be an "obnoxious maniac." The piece goes on to translate scenarios from movies into real life - and somehow the adorable, heart melting, quirks just don't stand up.

Now, I can say I know a few real-life ladies who pull off the quirkiness with absolute ease and charm. I, on the other hand, can not. Don't get me wrong, my eccentricities don't bother me in the least bit - I embrace my wackiness with a religious fervency and fly my freak flag as high as it will go. I am, however, realistically aware that they don't make me an indie trendy "quirkamuffin."

For example:

  • I'm a sentence finisher. I've tried, but I just can't help it. I get so excited about the other person is saying that I jump in to finish it - most of the times I'm pretty off.
  • I hate wet sinks. Blame my mother and her obsessive cleaning, but every time I use a sink I take a dishcloth or paper towel and wipe it down.
  • I can't look at someones mouth when they're talking - otherwise, I'll mouth the words as they say them...pretty distracting, eh? LyLa thinks so.
  • I get so easily embarrassed for people on reality TV shows that I haaaave to flip the channel.
  • When I'm leaving a comment on Blogger and there's a "Captcha" word, I say the "word" in my head, give it a silly definition, and use it in a sentence. Every time. Save my sanity. Get rid of 'em folks.
  • I stumble over my words in almost all conversations (I'm realizing that a majority of my quirks are language related - makes me feel like an underdeveloped Rainman of sorts.)
  • I've got an incredible long term memory (we're talking what someone was wearing the first day I met them in highschool) but my short term memory is crap - and I'm terrible at retelling conversations I just had.
  • I don't enjoy people invading my personal space - I HATE being poked and I'm incredibly ticklish - to the point of convulsions and gasping for air. So if you ever see me, please don't touch me. Case in Point, LyLa (who's also my hair stylist FYI) has the hardest time washing color out of my hair - I squirm around and tense up, kicking my feet everytime she gets near my ears/neck. I have to apply pressure with my hands to my ears so I don't focus on her touching me.
  • I'm completely obsessed with Garlic. I will eat it on anything and everything.
  • I hate wearing shoes. I never wear shoes at home and wear sandals to the office so I can slip them off and walk around barefoot.

(ack! It's so weird to see all those side by side in black and white!)

So tell me this, what are your quirks?

Make me feel less of a silly-billy and tell me what makes you peculiar or odd.

(I promise I won't poke fun =P)

PS- I *just know* some ones going to read the above and web-diagnose me with some form of autism or a rare language disability.


Haley Williams said...

i have a compulsive thing where I have to eat all the portions of my meal at the same rate. the last bite has to be a little bit of everything. It's really hard to leave food on the plate this way.

several times, someone has taken my second to last french fry and it ruins my meal. ugggghh.

bananas. said...

hello darling! thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. we're total movie twinsies. i love it! i too finish people's sentences but it's probably b/c i am the most impatient person ever and my ADD kicks in when other people take to long to finish a story let alone a sentence. haha.

Lee S. said...

Ha ha! Love this point...I too, love my quirks for what they are. One thing I do is when I go out to eat is having to always rearrange the sugar packets in order and all facing the same way. I've tried to not do it and it stresses me out!