Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Bits

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.
Tell me about your weekend?? I'd love to hear what everyone was up to.

I'm spending my sunday with my mum. In a little bit, we're off to Lafayette for some quality time together. There's talk of going to Piccadilly and Joann's so you know I'm excited. ha ha.

Also - Has anyone else heard talk of some tropical storms in the Gulf??


Ali said...

Just came across your blog and love it!

-Ali (

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

I miss Piccadilly. Like a lot. And Hobby Lobby and Joanns. I just miss Louisiana. :(

Thank you so much for your sweet, kind, lovely comment. What a compliment! I was very happy that we found one another. I love Louisiana girls very much.

Marguerite said...

Such a nice pic of you and your Mom. I just love those mother/daughter outings.