Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where You Stand

Life is full of exhilarating firsts - first steps, first days of school, first kisses, first day on your own, and of course... the almighty first purchase. Yes my dear lovlies, my life as I know it has changed.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm no stranger to Etsy. It’s been one of those “lusting-from-afar” relationships – a few quick glances, bookmarking a few favorite shops, adding a few items to my Kaboodle Wish List– you know… non-committal happenings.

Last week, I spent a little bit of my lunch hour cleaning out my favorite links, which had seemingly become absolute bedlam (I get a teensie bit frantic and dramatic when I can’t find what I’m looking for..."OMD Where is it?! I know I sav-whaaaat did I save it under? Wherrre is iiiit?!") and I came across an Etsy link for a store called the Grass Is Greener.

[The next few sentences will be like a rousing game of “Guess How Small Louisiana Is” – if you’re from a small town, you know this game. It’s nothing to connect two seemingly unrelated people in less than 2 or 3 degrees.]

Grass is Greener is run by Haley Williams from Lafayette, LA. Haley, turns out, is a super close friend of my good high school friend Mizz Wormser, who now lives in New York. Yes. This is the part of the “How Small is Louisiana” Game where we sing “It’s a Small World.”

I poured myself over Haley’s shop and forgot all about the chaotic mess of links. I’m not exaggerating when I say I wanted to buy everything in the store. She’s got this charming mix of earrings, rings, sachets, and cards. OH the cards! They’re some of the most stunning handmade cards I have ever seen –hand drawn flowers and water colored birds (oh my) - and she can customize them too! But here’s the best part – and the bit that sealed the deal on my first etsy purchase – Grass is Greener is completely eco-friendly. From the materials used in her creations, to the packaging, to her listings with eco-tips, this girl keeps the environment in mind.

Want to know what I got? Want to see the absolutely adorable (and recyclable) packaging? Want to shop at Grass is Greener? Scroll down, lovelies.

You guys are lucky that you're getting shots of the packaging - I wanted to rip it open right away

How cute are the signature Grass is Greener flowers?

Ps. Haley, just wanted to let you know I used half of the packaging to wrap a gift and the other half has been recycled!

Haley even custom makes her own envelopes!
I fell in love with the gorgeous stiching detail.

She means that.
Trying to rip the package open with your teeth doesn't quite work.

Lots of goodies...

The whole shebang
Goodies on display...

Yep. She handwrites a note on to each customer...
(Oooh... hint hint on what's going down on Monday if I get 25 Followers!)

On pretty embossed stationary, nonetheless.
Eco-friendly with southern manners?? That's Haley.

Thank You note with the signature flower on recycled cardboard

The good stuff... all tied up with some pretty twine

My three finds!

The wooden button came packaged on a bookmark!
Notice the wood grain on the gold band??


I love how unique this is - and Etsy does too.
It was featured on Etsy's Rustic Wedding Post.

Wire Earrings!
The leaf earrings were a gift for Ruby Locks to go with the haircut/color she's getting today,
and the signature petal earrings are all for me. I've been wearing them since I got them - going on 4 days now... They're super light and I forget that I'm wearing them - until the lady at the grocery store stops me to ask where I got my "dainty drop earrings."

There's a pretty little link to Grass is Greener on my sidebar, if you haven't already clicked on one of the many links to it above. =)

Remember lovlies,
the Grass is Greener where you stand.
(And there's certianly no harm in looking pretty while you're standing there)


stephanie said...

cute! You are almost at 25 followers!

Kora Bruce said...

Steph - I knooow. Now I only need 2 more! How exciting is that?! Spread the word Stevie!

Marguerite said...

You are too much, Kora! This is a fabulous post and your writing is excellent. Thanks for the link to this great green site. I'll check it out. You are right about it being a small world and how about a small town!? Keep thinking 25!

Haley Williams said...

1 more to go before the fab giveaway!!!

thanks SO much for featuring my little shop!

onward and upward!!!


Kora Bruce said...

Marguerite - I thought of you today! I drove my Marguerite Blvd in Lafayette today on my way to the Oil Center! Thanks so much for the compliment on my writing. That means so much - my high school writing teacher would be so proud!

Haley - I did it misssssy! 25 fabulously amazing followers! Can't wait to tell everyone about the giveaway tomorrow. =) And no need to thank me for the feature - wonderful things are easy to spread the word about!