Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now would be the time to comment...

So dear Internet, this is the part where I ask for your help.
And below is where you graciously offer it up...and lots of it.

I've begun to compile a Southern Wish List of sorts - small towns, beautiful cottage lined streets, mom and pop eateries, wacky tourist attractions, historic bed and breakfasts, etc etc etc - all places and things that I'm dying to experience. It'll be an ongoing list of sorts and we'll see how much I can get through before complete and utter exhaustion sets in.

So tell me...what do YOU think I need to experience? Where should I go? What should I eat? What are your favorite places? And they don't havvve to be in just Louisiana. What about Texas? Alabama? Arkansas? Mississippi? Florida? Georgia?


Jess said...

Harrington's - downtown Baton Rouge; try the crawfish pie specialty on Wednesdays for lunch, or the stuffed shrimp, house salad dressing is so good too (really everything there is great though!)

Atcha Bakery - Baton Rouge; hands down best falafel I've ever put in my mouth; great service and super cheap--local establishment

Also if you've never had the grilled cheese at Chelsea's with their amazing tomato basil soup, definitely try it.

I just randomly came across your blog, so I have no idea where in Louisiana you're from or if you've already mentioned these places? Just thought I'd spread the wealth of great places to eat in Baton Rouge!! I just moved to Texas and I sooo miss the food there!

Anonymous said...

you should visit Savannah, GA. If you haven't already. One of my favorite places. :)

Blissfully Enamored said...

Fort Worth, TX....billy bob's!! it's a must! and you have to visit the fort worth stockyards during lunch time....they have a real cattle drive that runs through the streets! :)

Kora Bruce said...

Jess - First off, thanks for stopping by! I'm from the Lafayette area. Thanks for the suggestions - I'm especially excited about this falafel!

Anon - Welcome to Dixie Lust! Got any must-see's or favorite things in Savannah? A few friends of my just went and they adored it!

Hillary - So we have the same taste in clothes, and now I'm begining to think you know me way too well. This Billy Bob's looks like heaven. You don't know how badly I want to take a photo on the fake bull haha