Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Evacuation Nation in Full Effect

Yesterday afternoon there was an explosion in the Gulf chemical explosion less than a mile from my house. Multi Chem, a company that makes chemicals for oilfield use, had a little clusterfreak that resulted in this:

So in the meantime, I'm under evacuation.

With road closures and evacuation notices, the rest of the family and my puppy are in New Iberia while I've been somewhat stuck in Lafayette.

I'm cranky. I'm tired. And I'm not sure if my makeshift Target outfit is a dress or a beach cover-up.

That being said,
I have amazing friends.

to MTher & SKing
for giving me a place to stay and taking care of me.

xo xo

Go here if you want to find out more about the explosion.


J said...

I am so glad all of you are ok! And I'm sure that beach cover-up/dress looks very stylish on you!

Kora Bruce said...

Thanks Marguerite! On the brighter side of things? Thank goodness we're used of evacuations and have our "hurricane" bags on stand by.

Kora Bruce said...

Thanks lady. I'm trying to werk it a la Bruce Bruce