Monday, August 16, 2010

I Heart .....

I got these babies at a little clothing shop at the Town Center Mall while in Boca. While I absolutely love them, today's the first day that I attempt to wear them because well... two things are irking me.

1. They're incredibly white. Like blinding white. Like I'm not scene/hip/hop enough to rock shoes this white.

Since it rained all night, and its supposed to pour later, I figured today's the day!

2. They're blank. My issue isn't that I can't think of something to fill in the blank, it's that I have waaaaay too many things that would suit the empty space just fine... How could I choose just one or two?

I ________...

nutella • Boca Raton • SKing • MTher • nicknames • Riesling • Climax, GA • lunch dates • Hello Kitty • Words with Friends • lederhosen • BCBG • pesto cream sauce • milkshakes • GChat • the oilfield • hugging it out • skype • ninjas • greeting cards • motivational speeches • forms • interventions • Royal Pains • blogging • twitter • crepes • self help books • being ridiculous • abbreviating words • catching up • convertibles • randomness • hand sanitizer • iPhones • bb cream • vanilla bean fraps • mobster movies • snail mail • picnik • shitshows • charity events • baked salmon rolls at Tsubaki • road trips • Almaza • Olliekins • my godson • Woodchuck • witty people • Frenglish & Fralley • british comedies • late night phone calls • painted toes • instant film • kawaii • comments • online sale sites • celebrity gossip • cuddles on the couch with my besties • adventures in cooking • festivals • dive bars • being classy • inside jokes

So tell me, what should I put in the fresh white blanks of my new converse??

How would YOU fill in the blank??


Ali said...

How about I <3 waaaay too many things? :)

Sil said...


Screen Door Prep said...

I think you should grab a fine-point Sharpie or two & absolutely *go for it* & fill up some serious white space w/ all of those super fun things you listed that you love!