Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello There Lover

Move on over iPhone, I've got a new inanimate object to commit my affections to.

This hot little thang finally made its way to my doorstep yesterday, and to say I'm in lust is a complete understatement.

We've reached a point where I'm handing off the purse to various folks and asking them to "work it" so I can admire it from afar as I note the quality of the leather and the absolute genius that are the zippered compartments.

Best part of all? I didn't have to hock a kidney on the black market to afford her. (Yes, I'm now assigning gender to the bag) I got this $180 bag for less than $50 through what can only be described as a label whore's best friend, Ideeli.

Excuse me while I go (metaphorically) make out with the hotness that is.

((Now Ideeli is by invite only, so if you want to know more or want an invite -
e-mail me
or leave a comment!))

1 comment:

bananas. said...

excuse me...is that stud? and suede? oh man. i'm in love.