Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Sunday Lovelies

Hope each and every one of you is having a lovely little Sunday.
Tell me, what have y'all been up to this weekend?


off switch said...

i went to a baby shower today, and am working on a big adobe indesign project due tomorrow... wish me luck! haha! hope your weekend has been good. xo.

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I love these pictures!! Ok, I finished my first semester of graduate school yesterday! YAY! And visited my parents and went to church today. And now I'm catching up on blogs! I hope you have had a fabulous weekend, lady :)

~KS said...

What pretty pics...
My weekend has included lots of caffeine (which I don't normally drink) and studying. I've pulled back to back all-nighters and if I can get throug tonight, I plan on taking the world's most awesome nap tomorrow!!!

kate said...

i'm loving your blog...just became your newest follower. feel free to visit me over at southern belle simple! i spent sunday trying to get a blizzard at dairy queen but they ran out of ice cream! who knew that was even possible.


MrsDixon said...

Very cute blog! I love all those photos in your posts!

Anonymous said...

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