Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who really likes March anyways?

I sure as heck dont.
Or maybe I just didnt like posting this month.

This month has had its crazy ups and downs
More about all of that later.
But Ive been using this time,
to really focus on what makes me happy.

My new motto is
"It works until it doesn't."
Its all about cutting your losses and just moving on.

But one thing that always does it for me?
A night at the Tap Room with the Secret Society.

((all photos taken within a span of 5 minutes))

((ps. thats the newest member of the SS, RLich))


Rasha said...

Love the pics, and your new motto rocks.

stephanie said...

Michelle, you look great!

offswitchdesigns said...

thank you! i'm loving the two of you and 'the frenchie.' and i agree, you do look great! xo.

Lace said...

Pretty pics of you! Tongue out and all! & yeah, I've been wondering where your little booty has been! I'm glad you're alright though & hopefully will be gracing this place more often :)

~KS said...

You are so beautiful... and I love your new motto. Love it!!

Happy Spring to you my sweet friend!

OceanDreams said...

Sorry it has been tough but glad you are letting go and moving on! Love the pictures, glad you are enjoying yourself!

Marguerite said...

Love your new motto and pics. He is cute! Have a bon ton, cher and a Happy Spring!

Shanley said...

I truly do love you. I'm guessing your secrets - and I'm wishing you'd have a really fabulous, LARGE black and tan for me.

Tina said...

Sounds like you going through a time of transition - stay positive.