Monday, February 15, 2010

That King Cake Baby Jesus - He's such a sneak!

While I've been getting my party gras on, I couldn't help but notice that King Cake Baby Jesus was missing in action! I kept calling his cell and texting him - but no response. I thought "Hey...Maybe he's at another parade or the musics too loud....or maybe in the chaos of trying to catch beads, his phone got trampled or...." Well, the list goes on.

Just as I was getting worried, I got an e-mail from my bud Phil.
Turns out that sneaky you-know-what KCBJ made his way over to visit Philly T for a bit.

Phil included some photos...
Check em out.

Clockwise from the Top Left:

1. "Baby riding on the horn of a unicorn. The awesomeness explains itself."
2. "Baby on Space Needle- it's not a trip to Seattle without seeing the Space Needle, right?"
3. "Baby cozy-ing up in the UW Snuggie."
4. "Let me see yo grill, baby style."

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