Tuesday, January 19, 2010

King Cake Winner: Round 2

This weeks winner of a King Cake from Meche's is:

Comment #4
otherwise known as
LYLA, my coworker and adventure co-pilot.

Thats right, y'all. No one's exempt from this one - cause really... EVERYONE deserves a little King Cake in their life.

So if you didn't get a chance to enter, or if you haven't won yet, come back on Thursday for your chance to win a King Cake from Meche's Bakery.


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

hmmm. interesting that LYLA won. i know who she is and call it cheating. not really, i am just jealous.

Breanna said...

YAAH! Another winner! Congrats.. I <3 Nola and King Cakes...and them Saints!


~KS said...

Hmmmm.... I want to be happy for Lyla, but I am hungry. I want cake...
Since I love you, I will just come back again next week :)

Lyla said...

hehe... sorry guys. Believe me, I'll enjoy it enough for everyone!!! I promise I didn't cheat.. or slip a fiver on Kora's desk... or offer to wash her car.. ;D

Jo said...

I'm having an "offline" night, but I've been watching football for the last eight hours, and I just HAD to log on and congratulate you and your Saints!!!! Woohoo!! Next stop....THE SUPERBOWL!! Yay!!!!