Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ice Ice Baby...


(Y'all already know how I feel about ridiculous weather)

The past two mornings as I stood at the end of my driveway, frantically clawing ice off my windshield with my pasty white bare hands in an effort to not be late I thought to myself, "I may not be up with all those new-fangled northern weather gadgets, but don't they make some sort of device to do this crap?"

((both photos from my windows this morning))


Breanna said...


What is up with this weather girl? Its like freeeeezing! I was so shocked when they said that we (alabama) might get this stuff they call snow? They say it's cold and white and that it falls from the sky? I'm not sure about it, never seen it before?

I actually used my scarf and gloves today!

<3 breanna

Caitlin said...

:O You don't have a defroster? I also don't particularly like the morning ice because I am not used to factoring an extra five minutes in my routine to sit there and wait for the windshields to defrost. I would've been on time, I swear!

~KS said...

Poor sweet girl.. yes, we have lots of cold weather tools. Are you expecting more icky-brrrr weather? If so, let me know and send me your address. I will send you the MOST amazing thing you've ever seen. It's a giant fur mitten, and there is an ice scraper attached to in and IN it. So when you stick your hand in the mitten, you can grab ahold of the scraper pole, and scrape your windshield in complete warmth. It's really truly amazing. And for real. If you want me, hit me up with your address... I would be happy to send one down so your little fingies don't freeze off!!