Monday, December 14, 2009

This Girl Gets It...

Sometimes the things that make me cry surprise me.
Sometimes I read something that seems like it was yanked right out of my jumbled little head
And sometimes some one just gets it...

I started this blog
because I want people to see what I see.

I want the world to really see
this beautifully eccentric place that has the courage to be exactly what it is.
No excuses.

And I want you guys to long to visit here...
But I want it to be because the side I show you.

So many outlets focus on New Orleans and Mardi Gras as a place to lose yourself and get piss drunk as you flash someone for cheap plastic beads.
Tourism based on disgracing yourself and a beautiful historic city.
What a thought...

For those of you not from around here,
you're wondering what all this Mardi Gras talk is about (especially around Christmas time)

But its nearing.
And we're preparing ourselves to celebrate our culture - to celebrate life.

And I know this is a little deep and heavy for a Monday night,
but its whats in my heart right now.
I was over at Confessions of an Indie Bride tonight,
and for some reason her post struck a chord.
It made me cry.

Jen gets it.
Chris Rose gets it.

It's in our blood.
It's our history.
It's a beautiful celebration of who we are.

Whether its your first Mardi Gras (like Jen's Hubby to Be) or your 24th,
we'd love to share the reaaaal Mardi Gras with you...
the Mardi Gras we grew up on
the Mardi Gras that makes you feel like family
the Mardi Gras that you'll actually remember on Ash Wednesday
....the Mardi Gras that you'll never forget.


Marguerite said...

And Marguerite gets it, too! Hang in there, cher, Mardi Gras is right around the corner!

Jo said...

I've always wanted to come New Orleans, but I am now embarrassed to admit that I have not wanted to come during Mardi Gras. The images we outsiders see on television frighten me!
I am so glad I read your post tonight, because I've been curious about the rich history out there, and now I'm equally curious to learn about Mardi Gras....your Mardi Gras.
Thank you!! And, enjoy! Can't wait to learn more about it here, through your eyes, and your heart!

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

oh baby, our culture runs deep inside of us, doesn't it?

i love and brag about being from louisiana. no matter where we live, my kids will know about their cajun culture.

i love you

Ali said...

This is so beautiful, and definitely puts LA in a whole new light for me. But let's face it, reading your blog did that for me a looong time ago. :)