Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Handsome Little Date

While some of you were out getting BSC (that'd be "bat sh*t crazy") on Black Friday, I scheduled myself a long awaited date with my oh-so sweet and adorable godson, Christopher.

I hadn't seen him in lawd knows how long. A few years ago, the family moved from Louisiana to Texas - and ever since then we've had to resort to phone calls and care packages.

We made Friday our perfect little day together - and I let him make all the decisions.


Oh yes...
It's Webkinz time! Meet Sharkie (or is it Perry... Or Toothie? He changed his name more times that P Diddy ... Or is it Sean Combs? or is it Puffy?) and Google

Of all the places to eat in Lafayette, McDonalds was first choice.
We both got Happy Meals.
I got a rad "My Little Pony"

Yep. The kid does adult-level word the car....for fun.
He's soo fast!

*cough*Bragging time!*cough*
Although he's only 9, he reads at the level of someone entering high school...
Of course Barnes & Noble was a must-stop.

Have you guys heard of these Diary of a Wimpy Kid books?
They're redonkulously funny in a weird way.

I'm the luckiest Nanny there is.

Best Part of the Day?
Christopher was totally down with my insane photo taking.

So heres where you guys help a little.

I'm attempting to put together the most redonk Christmas Care Package together for this kid. He loves to draw, play sports and of course... read.
Any ideas of what to put in this care package??


KatieSPerk said...

Bookmarks, Louisiana Candy, a disposable camera for him to take pics of his Texas life or just his daily life to send back to you (my nephews love doing this!), a new pen for word searches, a McDonalds Gift card, and a copy of one of these cute pics of you! I love sending packages!!

~KS said...

He is so adorable... and why do ALL kids love to eat McDs??
Ideas for the care package... does he have a PS3 or Wii or anything?? If so, some sports games for that could be cool. Books are always a great gift. And if he loves to draw, what about getting him some art supplies and a cool sketch pad...

KLaw said...

He's sooo adorable! I was going to suggest art supplies and sketch pads, but KS beat me to it.

xoxo said...

I think it would be fun if you got him something he has never seen or heard of before. Like a vintage book from the attic.
One time my uncle bought me a worn out book for my B-day. It wasn't in English and neither of us knew what it said so he just made up stories; Horror stories mostly but it was fun!

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

babe. he really is precious and he is one lucky duck to have you in his life. want me to send anything from NYC? would he like that? let me know.

Iva said...

awww what a CUTIE he is!!