Monday, December 7, 2009


I had every intention of coming here and writing you kids a lovely little post that would make you laugh and smile.

But my heart's just not in it today - It's one of those days where it seems like every little thing has got me stuck inside my head and frustrated. I don't mean to be but... my heart is broken for my Brownies, The Sheriff is in the Hospital, snow was a total bust this weekend, the holidays are officially upon us and everyone seems to think I'm a scrooge because I hate the overwhelming commerical aspect of them, I'm frustrated with a few bloggers because they're blatantly trying to be another blogger (Stop that! You are beautiful and wonderful just how you are. Show me you. If I wanted to see her personality, I'd read herrrrr blog), I'm worried about never falling in love again, and sometimes I wonder why we just can't all hang out (chips and salsa while standing around KLaws new kitchen, y'know?)

I hate to unload.

But it's how I feel today.

Spread a little love and happiness in the comments section, will ya?

Tell me a silly joke. Tell what makes you smile on days like this. Tell me about the worst date youve ever had. Tell me about the person you love the most and why that person makes your heart feel like it could burst at any moment.

Tell me, please?

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Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Sorry your feeling pessimistic... I know how you feel, I've been feeling this way too. I love me some brownies and I just hope they get their happy ending.

I don't know your story about falling out of love, but it will happen... There's always a time, place and reason for everything.

As for who your talking about, I hope its not me, hahaha, just kidding. I feel like Im completely myself as everyone should always try to be.

A joke hmmm.. Im a bad joke teller but my boyfriend just told me one it goes:

"Did you hear Tiger Woods changed his name?"

"What? To what?"


(cause the whole scandal) maybeeee i think its more funnier than it is, but its a good one!!

Cheer up love. xoxox.

off switch said...

booooo! love and happiness, you ask? well, tomorrow's a yoga day... and i just wrote a little post about it and spreading love - all with you and your lousy day in mind. i'll try to shoot you an email soon with stories to make you giggle! ;)

ps: christmas needs to take a chill pill as far as i'm concerned - don't listen to those over excited people... ;)

Jenni said...

That sucks it didn't snow! I am anxiously awaiting our snow to arrive! The first snowfall of the season!
I hope it comes to you soon!
Lets all just be glad that the 7th of december is behind us and we can all look forward to an 8th that will HOPEFULLY be much much better!
And yes, I agree about eating chips in KLaw's kitchen....but I think we'll need some tacos too!!!!

Jo said...

I totally know what you mean about the commercial aspect of the holidays! Sometimes it feels like the whole meaning of Christmas gets lost with the pressure of gift giving. I just don't get it! I keep thinking I can do my part by just not giving into the commercialism. Hmmmm.....

And, about bloggers trying to be other bloggers: You've made me giggle. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed that! :)

Last, but not least, love. It'll find you again. And, I know this sounds cheesy, but it always finds you when you least expect it. That has totally been my experience, anyway. I guess at that point when love is the furthest thing from my mind, maybe I let my guard down and open my heart. And that's when love is free to come in. Like I said, I'm a total cheese-ball, but I believe in that mushy love stuff!

As for a joke, a junior high student told me this one:
What do you call a guy who never farts in public? A private tutor! :)

That one was so bad, you just have to laugh!! Xox

off switch said...

ps: i'm giving you a virtual hug right now, can you feel it? ;)

courtney*adele said...

ok, first, make yourself a nice warm cup of your fav wintery drink. got it? ok... now, make sure you're nice and comfy in your chair. ready?

you're wonderful and beautiful and even though you are having a bad day, your bloggy friends just adore you!! we do! really! cheer up! cheer up! cheer up! :) hope you have a better day tomorrow! *hugs*

KLaw said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well today. I hate days like that. I am sharing in your pain... i can't seem to drag myself outta this depression. I want a nice warm bed, good movies, big glass of wine and good company. misery loves company right, so why don't you come over :)

~KS said...

Ugh... feeling like this is no fun. I've been there. But... I usually cuddle with my furbabies, and they purr away and love me no matter what and that helps. Or I go get myself a Starbucks treat... warms the heart and soul. I put in a favorite movie, or search for silly pictures on line.
And as for falling in love again... you will. Someday. I fear that alot too- almost 30, single... yikes. But I have to believe that the right person is out there and he wants to find me just as much as I want to find him... someday.
And if nothing else, hop over to my blog... I was so amused by those tassles you sent me I featured them on the blog... ha ha hahahaha. Love it!!

Jen said...

Turn on some Scissor Sisters... that always helps me.

Good luck with your quest. I know you're going to have a blast showing off your sassy self!

Ali said...

One day, when I was little, I peed all over my new white Keds. I had to go to the bathroom and we were in a car, so we pulled over. But my dad forgot to tell me to squat. In other words, guess he forgot I was a girl for a split second. Then we went immediately to a show (Bye Bye Birdie, to be exact) and it was, well...awful.

But now, it's funny.

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

How did I miss this post?

UGH. I suck as a friend.

Dude, people are greedy at Christmas. BLAH. I just want eggnog and remember the reason for the season.

I like to dance with the kittyboys when I am sad. I also stuff my face with as many marshmallows as I can and try to talk.

Make a Roux said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling blue, but I hope it will be short-lived.

I must confess that other than getting a little rush from holiday baking, I am not one for the holidays, myself.

Now for a funny [in retrospect] story about a really bad day that I had about 15 years ago.

1) My boyfriend called me and broke up with me over the phone.
2) As I was driving to work, I was pulled over and ticketed for illegally turning right on red.
3) My BFF met me for lunch at a fast food joint, where she consoled me about the break-up and I proceeded to dump my food tray with car keys and all into the garbage bin.

BAD DAY! (Uh, a nice employee fished my keys out and even sprayed them with disinfectant for me. LOL!)

Rachel/The Sheriff said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me! I am doing so much better now. I'm back home and beginning the healing process. I almost died, but I didn't and I'm here and as thankful for life as ever. Know that you and your blog and your overall personality are a bright spot for me! :)