Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunlight on Sunday Pt. 2

Yesterday, I made my way over to my Grandma & Aunt Carolyn's house for a Sunday lunch. We sat outside as we ate pork-chops, spinach, okra, sweet potatoes & sausage. There was even a banana cheesecake with a satsuma-lemon glaze.

We like food.
We also like sunshine.

((didn't have my camera with me, so these are all iPhone photos))


Anonymous said...

Lunches with wonderful! And your photography is gorgeous. What camera do you have?

ps- stop by after noon. i have an award for you

erin elder said...

iPhones are definitely a great camera substitute. i love the iPhone photos... makes me want to get an iPhone. blackberry photos just don't compare.

looks like you had a lovely Sunday!

Allyson said...

your photos are fabulous!! pass some of that talent my way :)

off switch said...

sounds like a good time... and tasty too! ;)

OceanDreams said...

Your iphone takes good photos...looks like you had a fantastic time, I love how all of your photos turned out! They are all so pretty!

Gabby said...

That sounds really lovely. :)

Melissa said...

wow your iphone takes great pictures, my best friends iphone pictures arent that good!

You blog looks really cool, I'm so in love with your layout.

Angel said...

I agree that I like the iphone photos...the Blackbery ones are Blah!! Also, what camera DO you have? I think you should pass along that cheesecake recipe! ;)

Jo said...

Wow! iPhone photos?? They're great!!

Sounds like (and looks like) a happy day!

Hugs to you!!

Shanley Knox said...

LOVED this.

Micaela said...

these are BEAUTIFUL!!!

as much as i looove my blackberry curve, they do not take pics like this. what site do you use to get that effect?

do share! xoxo

my fave is that spoons one. it would be great in a kitchen.