Friday, November 13, 2009

Palming Up...

Earlier in the year, I got involved with a local life coach and a group of women I came to refer to as my "women's forum." And after that very first sentence, some of you are flying over to close out the window - "Get me out of here! One emo post, a week or two of barely posting, and Kora's back laying it all out there with talk of therapy and meshugana women who are so allll about the feelings." Oh contraire mon frere. Stay with me. This is going somewhere. As I was taught in my very first session, life coaching focuses on the "now" and the "future" while therapy tends to delve into one's past. It's of a way of figuring out your values and living a life each day that reflects those values. Sounds a little new agey, right? Like I'm over here in billowy tie-dyed gauchos and strappy tevas, about to get my healing stones out and realign my chi....

Not quite. Most Tuesdays it felt like a convergence of Lafayette's elite - women who wanted to do more (all while being dressed to the nines). There was the stunning Argentinian newscaster who wanted to pursue journalism in Louisiana, the straight from the J.Crew Fall catalog psychiatrist who wanted to be more creative, the woman diagnosed with cancer as she took care of her aging mother who wanted to make time for herself... the list goes on. It was hours of conversation that had me walking out the door inspired and fearless - ready to do it all. But each week, before the discussions began, before we mapped out that weeks goals, before we compared notes on our struggles, we started with meditation. As Camille, our life coach, instructed - we sat up straight, feet flat on the floor, palms in our lap facing the ceiling all while she guided us through breathing exercises.

It began as a silly jab at the new agey spiritual side of coaching. When things got insane around the office or someone was pushing their redonkulous ish's on me, I feigned a meltdown and claimed that I needed to rush to the bathroom for meditation - or to "palm up, " if you will. But eventually, I found myself in all seriousness sitting on the back of the toilet, back flat against the wall, eyes shut, & palms up when things got to be too much. It was nice to just sit and breathe - just to be in that moment and not worry about what just happened or what piece of insanity was on its way.

It's no secret that life's been a roller coaster for me these past few weeks. And while a lot of amazingly wonderful things have come my way, it just feels like I haven't stopped to breathe. Ive been running around trying to fit in so much all while having the new concern of monitoring this whole "health ish." I haven't blogged as often as I would have liked to, but don't think I'm fading away. New Orleans was my so-said "swanky girls" weekend. While I had the time of my life, running around the dirty coast, chasing handsome boys, in heels on no sleep is just a weeee bit exhausting. I started my week already burnt out. Meanwhile, things have really taken off with Blog Lust. I'm so excited about all the people I'm getting to meet and all the designs I'm getting to try out, but I'm a little bit late in getting it all optimized for efficiency. This week I did some researching and bought a laptop so I could be the "Nomad of Blogging and Design" (Seriously, please refer to me as that. It's the most bad ass nickname. I die.) I'm really not complaining - I'm thrilled with so many aspects of my life these days. I just don't want you guys to think I'm not here to stay.

This weekend, I'm catching up on life. I'm taking a breather. I'm palming up in the grandest sense of it all. I'm holed up at Cajun Palms this weekend - I've got my own cabin here, laptop and design software in tow. I plan on using all the hot water in the shower, wearing stretchy pants all weekend, drinking a few Purple Hazes, and completely catching up on my blogging and design - all with no excuses. I will sleep late. I will go in the hot tub, despite the fact that its November. I will watch ridiculous amounts of Disney Channel and Sex and the City (hello pink velour book of DVDs!).

Basically, I'm here this weekend to do anything and everything I want - to do all the things I've been meaning to catch up on and to stop feeling "behind." Just to be in the moment and enjoy where I am.

Stick around cause there's going to be a ton coming your way - the rest of my New Orleans trip, coverage from Zydeco Weekend at Cajun Palms, announcements for friends, and so much more.

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Jo said...

I think we could all take a cue from you and hole up at our own personal Cajun Palms for a "me" weekend! Enjoy it girl! You deserve it!!