Monday, November 9, 2009

Listen to the Darkside

Okay, so I'm usually not one to post videos on the blog but we havvvve to make an exception for this one.

After hearing how talented this kid is a million times, I finally got to see (and meet) this guy, Charlie Mars, on Saturday in New Orleans. He opened up for Marc - and I loved his set so much that I bought the album on my iPhone while I was at the show. I've been walking around today mumbling the chorus of this song to myself... It's just embedded into my brain.

Just watch it.

You'll love the song, the video will make you smile, and Mary Louise Parker is a pretty lady.


Rachel/The Sheriff said...

Personally I'm not a fan at all, which makes me feel bad since he's such good friends with Joe, but to each their own! I am jealous that he gets to date Mary Louise Parker though - I have a girl crush on her.

Evie said...

Oh and I'm just catching up on your blog. Nov. was a crazy month for me but to find that you love Charlie Mars too!!!!! I found him by way of Tristan Prettyman (my absoloute favorite artist and possible soul mate!!!) If you like Charlie check her out!

Blog is looking great btw!