Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To Dye For

On Saturday night, I let you guys in on the fact that I had an exciting upcoming week planned out. A few of you begged to know what was heading my way so.... hurrr it is. Sunday, I spent a laid-back day with my mum at the craft store and lunch at our almost-worn-out-its-welcome beloved Piccadilly. As for the beginning of the week, I was steadfastly working on launching my not-so-secret blog design service (should be up and running oh-so very soon!) I was nearly done with the design site when I decided to scrap the vibrant industrial layout and go with something a little bit The complete overhaul has left me a little "computered-out." Which is quite convenient because...I've got a little R&R scheduled into my week - and some fabulous guest bloggers in store for y'all!

Starting tomorrow and running all the way through Monday, I've got some of my favorite people stopping by to entertain y'all. I absolutely can't wait to see everything they have in store for Dixie Lust. As for me, I'll be heading to Birmingham, AL for the weekend to attend my cousin Katie's wedding. (cue spazzy squeals of excitement). I'm thrilled at the thought of spending the entire weekend with my fabulous and might I add hilarious family - my boss is even coming!

If you're charting out my 9 days of enthralling plans (which I know you are), you're realizing that I've covered Sunday through Tuesday and Thursday through Monday... and you're wondering what I've got going on tonight. Well my lovelies, I'm off to an evening of beauty at the Salon de LyLa... which is pretty much LyLa's kitchen. Before LyLa was the reason I don't dread coming to work, she was a hair stylist. She's been doing my hair ever since her first few months at Aveda in 2006. Even when she was still in classes, I trusted her to do just about anything. She knows me well. She knows that I get a little lazy when it comes to actually fixing my hair and she also knows the traumatic things that other stylists have inflicted upon me (i.e. the mushroom haircut in 7th grade). Simply put, I don't even tell her what to do. I just trust her instinct. Going in with this attitude, I've come out with some of the most amazing haircuts - and colors! We love to experiment - and we do it quite often. So I've decided that every time I get my hair did, I'll feature one of my past cuts/colors.

With out further a-hair-do.... (yeah I went there)

[Yes. I am well-aware that its "upside down." I like it this way.]

This one comes from late 2006ish. LyLa wasn't in a salon just yet, so we got together at her house for my "appointment." The idea was to have super blonde sections with darker ones underneath. Well as I bent over her tub for her to wash out the color, the nervous giggles from LyLa let me know that we were going in a slightly different direction. LyLa worked a little extra magic and we ended up with this... it was a trillion different colors and I absolutely lovvvved it! This also counts as our first attempt at the full-on bang.

So I've gotta ask, what color do you predict we dye my hair tonight??


Butterbean said...

i'm sooo not even gonna suggest a hair color, cause i can't even get mine how i like it!! but, you have to, have to, HAVE TO check out the sloss fright furnace while you're in birmingham. man i miss living in alabama!! anywhozit, here's the link: if you've got time to go, it's definitely worth it!!

stephanie said...

i think it would be nice to see a dark, fall type auburn color. Would look perfect for the season. No blond though please.:P

stephanie said...

or better yet a rice, bold auburn. I like that description best.

~KS said...

I have no idea... but I CANNOT wait to see it!!! So much fun... and your weekend plans sound fabulous!!
Before you go, stop by my blog. I am leaving a little blog award for you later this afternoon :)

Blissfully Enamored said...

so cute!!!! i literally turned my head upside down to get a better view! :)

I predict you will go with a darker brown...for fall!! :) good luck!!! i cannot wait to see the outcome!

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

ok lovie. you are gorgeous. i mean, ever upside. that looks like an acting headshot! come up here and we will go on some auditions.

i cannot wait to see it and i am thinking DARK!

katie said...

omg do it blonde...its your best color..! It rocks you! big kiss!

Amanda said...

Awesome. Hmmm . . . I'm thinking red, but that could just be because I may be dying my hair a much more vibrant shade of red sometime soon.

Can't wait for pics!

Marguerite said...

How about jet black, like mine, cher? Would look great, maybe with a few auburn highlights? :)Have fun!!!

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

how did it turn out? what did you do? i am DYEING (hah) to know!