Friday, October 23, 2009

The Menage a' Guntrum Woody Secret Society

The Menage a' Guntrum Woody Secret Society (or the MaGWSS as I'll call it from hurrr on out) had its first official meeting Tuesday night.

From afar, it seemed to be a quiet evening among three friends - a catching up of sorts over a glass of wine and then an acoustic show while sipping a beer from the tap.

But taking a closer look, you heard them them talking about tacky weddings. You witnessed a rousing game of "What the eff, biatch?!" (that's it's PG-13 Internet name), which included wondering why the woman alone at the bar felt the need to sing every single lyric, even when she didn't know them; gasping in dismay when a girl walked in dressed as an Eskimo; and pondering if the leathery cotton-topped man was actually wearing a wig. You also spied these three taking shots (on a Tuesday night?) when a surprise run in with an old E-Harmony match presented itself.

You probably thought they were clique-ish. Elitist? Loud and obnoxious?


But you know what?

They don't care.
They enjoyed themselves.


Summer @ B is for Brown said...

i would like to join in next time, biatch!

Katiesperk said...

You are such a good writer! I really liked that post. If Summer gets to come so do I!

KLaw said...

yes please! Where's my invite?

Shanley Knox said...

LOVED this.