Thursday, October 8, 2009

GP: Shades of Color

Happy Thursday lovie-dovies! While I haven't left for my weekend trip yet, I dooo have the first guest post in my little series for you guys! Today's guest poster is Miss Katie from one of my top 5 favorite blogs, Off Switch. My love for this cheery gal and her blog may be what some consider "stalker-ish." - srsly, just check twitter and see what I'm talking about. It's just that I love anything she puts out there... it's all so.... refreshing. Did I mention she has a killer eye for etsy finds? See what I mean below!

first thing's first, thank you so much kora for inviting me

to do my very first bloggie guest post! i'm so thrilled to be here!


ok, ok... now let's get down to business!
my name is katie, and usually you can find me over at my

daily blog called off switch, where i post on just about

anything that tickles my fancy at a given point in time...

lately, i've been compiling some of my etsy favs in a series

i like to call, shades of color... so, without further ado,

here is the newest edition in the series:


if you like my shades of color collections,

check out past ones here!


before i go i wanted to leave you all with a link to my

etsy shop called off switch designs, where i sell my

handmade greeting cards.

have a wonderful thursday everyone!

{ps: don't forget to laugh today!}


Summer @ B is for Brown said...

lovely post and my my, kora was right! you do find some killer things on etsy! i love yellow. it makes people happy. i already follow you and happy i do!

ps - i love you cards! love em! make me a stash one? lol!

~KS said...

What a fun idea.... to feature color-themed etsy finds!!! Love it... and that yellow top is my favorite :)

off switch said...

thanks for inviting me to guest post kora! you rock! and thanks for the positive feedback ladies! {i'll get to work on that mustache card!} ;)

Mrs. Wife said...

Ahh I love your blog!! so glad you stopped by mine too! I am now a follower!

Kristin said...

That necklace is beautiful!