Friday, October 9, 2009

GP: A Little Taste of the City

Happy Friday lovelies! I hope everyone has a fabulous end to their week... Today I'm on the road to Birmingham and I couldn't be more excited - not only because of the trip, but today is the day that I have THE Summer from B is For Brown guest posting on my little blog. If I could, I would take her blog to Junior/Senior Prom and write about it in my gurnal (that's a girly journal - I'm so against "diary") as I doodled little hearts inside the B's. I adore it that much. Last week, Summer even gave me the honor of doing my first ever guest post. I hate to seem so cheesy, but daily I'm so amazed that I could have met someone so genuinely sweet and caring through this little blog. I tell her we're kindred spirits with our Louisiana Girl roots, our Ollies, and our slightly disturbing love of the 'stache. She says the word "kindred" gives her goosebumps. And that right there makes me smile.

Hello gang. Quick intro: I am Summer from B is for Brown. I know some of you and for the ones I don't know, please introduce yourself to me. I would love to make some new blog friends and follow new blogs.

Now onto the good stuff: My dear friend, Kora B. asked me to guest post for her and well, I am beyond honored. I am jumping up and down like I ate too much blackened catfish, had a few too many hurricanes (no boobies will be shown here) and got my toes nibbled by some La. gators swimming in the Atchafalaya River! I am thrilled. Can you tell? ;)

I decided to talk a little about Cajun things you can find in NYC. I am originally from the great state of Louisiana and miss it on a daily basis. When you are missing home you need to seek out the comforts from there to make you smile again. At least I have to do that. So, let's get started...

Some Cajun Restaurants I Frequent:

The Delta Grill - They serve Abita beer. 'Nuf said! They also have a killer blackened catfish platter.

Acme - Crab cake po-boy is to die for!

Great Jones Cafe - Cutest place in the world! Andouille Omelet and Crescent City Smothered Eggs = yummy! And wash everything down with a Cajun Mary.

Mara's Homemade - Gator Bites and Crabmeat Stuffed Mushrooms are delish. However, I found that one of the owners was not very friendly at all. Plus I think they hail from Memphis. I hate giving a bad review, but when I walk into what is supposed to be a Louisiana place in NYC, I want to feel like I am in Louisiana and we don't have attitude. However, they did decorate it very well!

Two Boots Pizza - They have a pizza called The Dude which is a cajun, bacon cheeseburger pie: tasso, ground beef, cheddar & mozzarella and the Bayou Beast which consists of bbq shrimp, crawfish, andouille, jalapenos, & mozzarella.

Some things LSU:
LSU NYC/NJ Alumni Association - This chapter brings the South together in the Big Apple. We gather at Legends Bar to watch the football games and drink and eat lots. They also host an annual crawfish boil, usually in July. The crawfish are driven up from Baton Rouge, so we get the good stuff!

A dollar store on the Upper East Side - MCW @ Saving the Best for Last told me that she saw LSU gear in the window of a $ store here in NYC. I cannot believe it and feel I need to take a field trip to find this place!

A Louisiana style hotel:

The French Quarters NY - No one I know has stayed here when visiting the city but I have heard some great things about it.

An old Cajun jazz place (no longer in business):

The Cajun: Jazz! - I am so sorry that this place closed down. It was such fun to go there on a weekend night!

I should add that I carry a fleur de lis totebag everywhere, so I am constantly bringing Louisiana everywhere I go in the NYC! Does that count??? Thanks for reading!

Laisezz le bon temps rouler,
Summer B.

[KB: &&&&& Then Sum Sum sent me this little bit & asked me to add it to her post...How could I say no? Flattery gets you everywhere bebes.]

What I think of Kora B:
she is beyond awesome.
i love how she takes pics of her food like i do.
she has fantastic taste.
i love and appreciate her "little thing" posts.
she has a love of anything & everything vintage.
she loves photography and has a great eye for it.
she is one talented techie (& i think dorky is the new black).
she supports local artists.
she knows just about everything.
that face of hers: i mean, could she be any more adorable?! i think not.


KLaw said...

Yay for my Summer! She's so fabulous! And I apparently need to get my ass to Louisiana, because all of that sounds ridiculously good!

Dream Sequins said...

Love Summer! Great guest post :) xx D

Ela said...

Hi Kara, nice to meet you! So sorry to invade your blog, I had to, Summer's too amazing not to. And I'm pretty sure she could get me to eat anything..and anywhere :)

Allyson said...

Nice post Summer!! I've been to New Orleans and I LOVED it. I wanna go back! Great people live in Louisiana. Rock on!

~KS said...

What a fun post... I have never had catfish but think I might have to try it after reading this...

Kristin said...

Totally saving this for my NYC trip that's coming up. Bloggy get together? Hmmmmmmm. I assume you're ready for this weekend??? I've been chomping all over the place today. hee hee

Ali said...

Great post.

And now I'm drooling.