Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sunrise Cigarettes

Who: Sons of William

What: "Sunrise Cigarettes"

Why: These kids are the ULTIMATE. I don't even know how to convey what this band is for me. They were one of the first local bands that I fell in love with. It's southern rock and roll at its best. I could tell you so much about them but I'll save bits of that as I feature more of their songs. Right now, I'll share Sunrise Cigarettes with y'all, as it was the first song I heard by Sons of William. And I'll throw in that I often sell their merchandise at Louisiana shows - so if you're ever near a show, stop in and tell me hi!

More: Had to include these just cause I love the photos so much... These are from a SOW/Marc Broussard show at the Soul Kitchen in Mobile, AL back in 2006.


stephanie said...

saw them once , you were there. Like 3 years ago.:)

Haley Williams said...

love the first photo.

I totally want to come sell merch again, by the way.

Kora Bruce said...

Stephanie - I believe those would classify as Logan's Pad days. Oh how I miss them...

Haley - Yes Yes Yes. I had so much fun the last time. I believe I'm doing a show on the 8th in Lafayette. Let me know if you want in.