Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Walk Downtown

This past Saturday, Gentleman Caller and I got together amidst our busy schedules (His: Frogging, Working on his property, Visiting with Family for a Cook Out. Mine: "Wreaking Havoc" with the Lovlies, Watching my Sex and The City DVDs, Eating everything in the cabinet and fridge) and headed to downtown Breaux Bridge.

It seems like every time he and I get in the car we drive through the area... and every time we pass through one of us wistfully mentions how we're dying to take a walk around and explore all the little shops. Okay... So GC wouldn't exactly word it like that. He'd probably say something along the lines of taking his people down here to "get right". Whatever. We went. And not so surprisingly... we "passed a good time."

As with any outing of ours, our first move was to grab a bite to eat. Simply put, We're food people. Our food probably ranks up there right below God & Family. Maybe even before friends. We may have even racked up enough research credentials to be considered "experts" on local Mexican places & burger joints. People, you can never underestimate the afterglow of a good cheeseburger.

So we stopped at Angelle's for cheeseburgers and french fries. I mean real french fries - the homemade kind - the kind that apparently make me do a little dance when I see them making their way to my table. And the burger...oh my word.... Can I just mention that their burgers have jalapenos in them? Nuff said right? Seriously. Amazingly good. It didn't stop there. Angelle's combines a diner with an ice cream shop... and to my surprise and GC's boyish delight, the ice cream shop has a Slush Puppy Machine. Since we've met, GC has brought up slush puppies about ...ohhhh.... 68 times. And since mention #3, we've been unsuccessfully trying to find a convenience store that hasn't replaced their Slush Puppy machine with an Icee setup. All that being said, you wont be surprised to hear most of the conversation from there on out revolved around how delicious his watermelon slushie was.

We spent the rest of the afternoon hopping around to all the little antique shops . And while I could sit here and rattle on and on about all the things we discovered, I'd be here for a few hours... Sorry Internet, I just don't have that kind of time. This girl's gotta get back to work. Hey! I've got to earn a little money so I can go back and scoop up all the anitques I saw. Don't worry I won't leave you completely high and dry... Here are some photos of our Saturday afternoon downtown.


Mama Belle said...

Love, love downtown Breaux Bridge, almost as much as downtown Grand Coteau.

Kora Bruce said...

Oh man. I feel so out of it... This is me admitting that I've never been to downtown Grand Coteau. It's going on my "Places to Visit" List immediately!

Marguerite said...

I haven't been to downtown Breaux Bridge in ages. Your pics make me want to go, especially to the Antique Shop and maybe Cafe Des Amis. Great post!

Morgan said...

Looks like a perfect day! What fun!
{thanks for the kind comment on my blog..very sweet of you!}