Monday, August 3, 2009

Surprise on a Monday Morning...

My internet at home has been out for nearly a week since our modem has decided that we're just not worth the effort. iPhone decided to follow in Modem's footsteps and crapped out a majority of Saturday & Sunday. Read: I spent my weekend hiding from most of technology. It was quite nice. But even better, this morning I had a little comment from the oh-so fabulous Hillary @ Blissfully Enamored saying she left me a little love over at her blog. To my surprise it's an award! My first award at that. So .... YAY for ME. & Yay for Hillary for being so sweet! You have to go check out her blog - its filled with gorgeous fashion finds and some very adorable photos of her and her husband! Also, be sure to check out her Etsy shop where she specializes in the cutest custom frames.

Best part about this award is I get to share TEN fabulously random things about myself and then pass the honor on to TEN of my favorite blogs! Wheeeee....

Let's begin...

  • The majority of my life has been focused on getting the heck out of this state, but in the past year, I have somehow fallen in love with where I am and what I come from. This blog is just my little way of documenting the unexpected yet welcomed change of heart.

  • I have one thumb that’s half an inch shorter than the other. It’s the one thing I share in common with Megan Fox. I can also take my middle finger and bend it all the way back so that it touches the back of my hand. Bet Meg can't do that...

  • I don’t eat fruits, vegetables, pudding, or jello. I’ve got something with textures.

  • I met Gentleman Caller at a mutal friend's wedding. He was a groomsman along with LyLa's husband... LyLa met GC at the rehearsal dinner and raved about him to me the next day at work. I was skeptical and had a bit of a crush on someone else, but at the wedding, I ended up setting my sights on him and making a move. My opening line? "Hey You. Come sit over here..."

  • I worked as a nanny/personal assistant in Boca Raton, FL for about a year. Looking back, although I loved the family I worked for and adored "my two girls," I was a terrible nanny. Twenty-year-olds don't make great care-givers. It was a life-changing experience, yet I doubt I'd do it again. Nor would I ever think about hiring a nanny for my future children.

  • I have an extremely messy car and I'm possibly the worst driver in the world. As RubyLocks would say "Cars are just not my medium..."

  • Kora Bruce isn't my real name. Kora comes from my mother's mother Cora and Bruce comes from my father's nickname.

  • I would say that I'm definitely not an "outdoorsy" girl. I get the eebie jeebies from bugs and crawly things and my pasty skin doesn't fair too well in the elements, but I'm trying to change all of this. I'm trying to venture out of my comfort zone a little and enjoy all of the gorgeous outdoors that the South has to offer. Even if its as simple as riding four-wheelers with GC and not mentioning how my sweaty thighs are sticking to the leather seat.

  • I'm a little bit technology obsessed. I automatically google anything I don't know the answer to. I twitter, I text, I e-mail daily. A lot of people joke that I'd fall apart with out the phone or the Internet. But due to my terrible luck keeping my electronics in working order, I've gone over a month with no phone/Internet several times and I've done just fine.

  • I'm genuinely excited about whats to come in my life in the next few months/years. I'm just looking forward to living life and seeing what treasures await for me along the way. I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys better and sharing my life with you guys!

  • So who am I passing this along to???

    Cajun Delights

    Gumbo Writer

    The Bayou Belles & Their Beau

    All Things Southern

    A Cheery Disposition


    Call Me Mommy, Esquire

    God, Do You Hear This Southern Girl Rambling?

    Legally Pink & Green

    A Day in the Life of This Miss

    Congrats ladies & Enjoy the sharing....


    Mama Belle said...

    Nice to know more about you. At least you share something in common with Megan Fox. Although, I would have rather it have been her incredible bod and face ... OK, heck, her entire physical appearance.

    I have already received this award and done the whole honesty thing, which I think people are wishing I hadn't. Anyways, thanks for thinking of me.

    Blissfully Enamored said...

    so good!!!!!! love all of your randoms!!

    i am so interested to see what your friend has for the bulletin boards! does she have a website??? you are too sweet!

    Marguerite said...

    Kora, I am so surprised and honored that you passed this award to me. It means so much, coming from a fellow Cajun. I will display it proudly. Congrats to you for receiving this award, for you surely deserve it and many more! Merci beaucoup!

    Angie Ledbetter said...

    Thanks so much, KB. You're a sweetie. Love your new blog and the excellent artist's eye that assembled it.

    Reynie said...

    Thanks so much for the award! How sweet! I'll get it posted and passed along soon!