Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Thing 19

The first taste of fall - as in my first bowl of gumbo.

(Is it odd that there isn't a single good picture of a gumbo on the internet? - I don't think I'd eat half of whats in these photos!)

Also - just a little something that doesn't make me smile - dropping my beloved iPhone into the aforementioned bowl of gumbo.


Mama Belle said...

FYI: Beau dropped my iPhone before I could even get my hands on it for the first time. Lovely.

Mama Belle said...
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Nicole Leigh said...

i hope your iphone is ok! I had my first gumbo this past summer. It was at disneyland, does that count?

love your blog :)

Kora Bruce said...

Nicole - I'm going to guess that Cajun food thats either a. outside of Louisiana or b. north of I-10 doesn't ite count, but you get major points for trying. hah

Thanks so much for the compliment!