Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If Heaven Were a Sandwich....

it would be the Pulled Pork Sandwich at Johnson's Boucaniere .

As I mentioned here, the latest lunch excursion for LyLa and I was a trip to downtown Lafayette to experience Johnson's Boucaniere. And as I've said before, I don't eat fruit or veggies. So to say I love...meat... is sort of an understatement. Call me the un-vegetarian. I usually pour myself over a menu deciding which item would be the easiest and least vegetable-y thing to order but when I realized that I wouldn't have this issue at Johnson's, I could barely contain myself. No, seriously. Thursday went something like this:

Me: Hey... guess what...
LyLa: Hmm?
Me: (sing-songy voice) I'm sooo excited for lunch tomorrow!

.::five minutes later::.

Me: Ahhhhh
LyLa: What's wrong?
Me: I don't know what to order tomorrow... pulled pork sandwich or the brisket sandwich
Repeat the above at least 8 or 9 times.

What can I say? Some girls get excited about shoes or purses. I get excited about pulled pork. And that's exactly what I ordered. We were a little bit worried about only having an hour for lunch and rushing to get downtown and having to scarf down our highly anticipated lunch, so we looked at the menu online and called in our order around 10:30 am. I always like to take time to recognize and applaud friendly people in the service industry. Nothing ruins a meal like an apathetic/unhappy person serving it to you, and these days that seems to be the norm. The woman who took our phone order was FABULOUS! We didn't catch her name, but she was sooo friendly and patient with us. Totally helpful. So kudos to you.

Johnson's Boucaniere
1111 St. John Street
Lafayette, LA 70501

Counter where you order / pick up your food

Cajun Music CDs for Sale // Displayed on a vintage grocer's scale

Bricks of peanut butter fudge

HUGE porch where you can enjoy your meal

LyLa's husband Duston joined us for lunch

I'm sure he was creeped out that I demanded to take photos of him eating, but look how natural his posed "sandwich-shot" is...

Duston ordered the brisket sandwich

I got the pulled pork sandwich with a side of corn

LyLa went with the grilled cheese sandwich with brisket inside

(Think I'm going to try this one next time)

Hmmm. Definitely not my salad....

Heaven, I tell you. Absolute Heaven.

Thanks to everyone at Johnson's Boucaniere for a fabulous Friday lunch.

We'll be seeing you guys soon.

Real soon.


Elizabeth Bradley said...

Now you've made me hungry. ;-]

Kora Bruce said...

Elizabeth - HAH! I know. I've already had the urge to stop by this place 3 times this week - and it' only Wednesday

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

so glad you found me. i am a louisiana gal through and through. i love love love your blog too. i am now following. you can no longer hide. hah. where in louisiana are u from?

Kora Bruce said...

Summer - So glad yoooou found me. haha Thanks for the compliment! I'm just getting started but this whole blogging thing is a bit addictive. If you were from another country or state, I'd say I'm about 2 hours south west of New Orleans. If you were some what familiar with the Louisiana, I'd say I was from Lafayette. But since youre a Louisiana girl through and through, I'm from New Iberia.

Marguerite said...

Looks like a scrumptious, down-home, Cajun lunch to me, Kora. I've sampled some of their delicious food at Downtown Alive and Grant Street, but have never been to the restaurant. I'll have to put it on my lunch list. Great pics and post!

Kora Bruce said...

Marguerite - Of course you've already dabbled in the glory that is Johnson's! You're going to lovvvve dining at the restaurant - the giant porch is calling your name.

Joanna said...

Oh my goodness...That looks so yummy! I love pulled pork...And that grilled cheese with the brisket! Yum. I too am not a veggie eater! I do however eat fruit.

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

Hi Kora! I'm from Morgan City!
Yay for finding another Louisiana lady!