Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heaven Forbid I Ever Find a Husband...

Someone please tell me....

At midnight, last night, Ollie was in full bed-hogging mode -
heavy as a two-ton elephant, mean as a grizzly bear, and snoring like...well, my father.

I didn't dare try to move her.

Okay, well I did... But she was a grump and growled at me.

*le sigh*

So here's the solution I came up with.

Yes. The floor.

More specifically, my yoga mat on the floor, topped off with fuzzy blankets and my memory foam pillow (courtesy of MTher).

I tossed and turned a little at first, but it ended up being an amazing sleep - mainly cause Ollie Monster wasn't kicking me in the ribs.

When I left for work this morning, she was curled up sleeping sooo soundly.

She was so cute that I almost forgave her for sending me to the floor.



Elizabeth Bradley said...

I used to let my two cairn terriers sleep with me, they were so well behaved. Then my daughter got a puppy and as he grew he took over the bed. Sleeping with that dog was a nightmare. So, none of them sleep with us because they all want to be together. We bought dog beds and the laundry room is their domain from bedtime till morning. Humans and dogs are better off.

Marguerite said...

Wow, what a lucky dog! I used to let my pet poodle sleep with me, many moons ago, but if he crowded me, he knew it was time for him to hit the floor!

sa1tyeyes said...

oh my goodness! what an adorable pup. huge, but definitely cute :)
and thanks for that friendly comment. you brought a smile to my face and a little encouragement to my otherwise defeated attitude.

Ali said...

Giving your dog the bed?

Now THAT'S love.

Mama Belle said...

You did not give your bed up for the dog ... please tell me you didn't. Growl or not, no dog is kicking me out of my bed.

Kora Bruce said...

Elizabeth - I absolutely love carrin terriers. They're little faces are just too cute. Do all the doggies behave in the laundry room or is it like a rowdy slumber party where they all refuse to go to sleep?

Marguerite - What type of poodle? We used to have a standard in our training classes - such a smart dog. Huge though.

Sa1tyEyes - Shes HUGE. She weighs in at 120 lbs or so and just when I think she's quit growing, she gains more weight. And no worries on the good vibes sent your way. Keep us updated on the situation. Hopefully something will work in your favor.

Ali - I'd like to think its love but maybe it was just convenience. =)

Mama Belle - oh yes. I did. And don't be surprised if you get a call asking you to come work some ceasar milan magic and get her out of the bed. everyone keeps telling me its simple, but they just dont know.

Kelly's Adventures said...

Oh I love your dog!! I used to have a great dane!

Kora Bruce said...

Kelly - So fun! What kind of coat did yours have? I just realized the other day while in Petsmart how much great dane people love to compare notes haha