Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank You Urban Spoon...

You're probably sick of the Gentleman Caller coverage and you're wondering to yourself "Hey Kora...Where's the good stuff?" Well, maybe not. But I am. I've been a little skimpy on the posts the past 2 or 3 weeks. I've been trying to find my rhythm in this whole blogging thing (seeing as how this is the first blog that I've decided to keep up with) and trying to come up with some sort of layout that doesn't bore me / give me a headache. In short, I've just been trying to figure out how to make this blog "me." I've got a lot coming your way, so hopefully all goes smoothly. Advice and pointers are always welcome, especially from those of you who have been doing this a while. I'm always curious about how/why you guys blog.

So while I've skipped a few "Friday Lunch" sections, I'm back in the game. This week I was in the mood to show you guys something aside from my usual (Blue Agave, Zoe's, Pizzeria Venti) so I downloaded the Urban Spoon app on my new iPhone. I've seen it on commercials and I figured it be perfect for me since I find myself going to the same old places over and over again. Yesterday after I downloaded the app, I handed the phone over to Lyla and let her give it a shake. We shook it a couple times and it finally landed on a place we had never heard of, Pops Black Pot. We used the "Map It" function and realized it was just around the corner. No idea how we hadn't found this place before....

You guys have no idea how excited we get at the thought of a good Friday lunch. Its a little bit like the thought of Christmas morning for a 5 year old...or in the case of Marguerite, the thought of a gallon of icy cold margaritas.

Click here to see more photos from our lunch at Pops Black Pot

Lunch was absolutely fabulous. Quick, friendly service (seriously, the two girls at the counter were as sweet as can be! We even chatted about the wonder of Urban Spoon.) & yummy, well seasoned, home-cooked food.

I doubt this place is new to some of you who are well informed of the subject of great local eateries, but it was a welcome surprise to my week. If you haven't been, you need to get out there and try it!

PS. For those of you who don't have an iPhone, I've put an Urban Spoon widget on the sidebar to the left. Try it out, and see what you can come up with. And if you're feeling adventures (or hungry), go have dinner there and tell me how it is!

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Marguerite said...

Hi Kora, Thanks so much for the link to my blog, cher! The Urban Spoon is a great idea, thanks for sharing. Your blog is fabulous, just as it is, and I never get tired of hearing about your adventures with your GC. Keep up the good work!!!