Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a Southern Thing...

A few weeks back I put together a 2-CD mix of my favorite songs that remind me of home. I tried to keep it to local musicians or at least bands that I've seen in concert. Here's what I came up with...

CD 1:
  1. The Way I Was Made Griffin House
  2. Hey Girl O.A.R.
  3. High Heels Sons of William
  4. Sweet Southern Moon The Benjy Davis Project
  5. Parlez-nous à boire Beausoleil
  6. New Orleans The Benjy Davis Project
  7. Sunrise Cigarettes Sons of William
  8. Rosealia (Single Remix) Better Than Ezra
  9. Rusty Cage Johnny Cash
  10. Simple & True Sons of William
  11. The Bayonet and the Cigarette K.S. Rhoads
  12. Street Legal Shootout Meriwether
  13. We Can Live Sons of William
  14. Let the Music Get Down In Your Soul Marc Broussard
  15. For God's Sake Sons of William
  16. Love and Happiness Marc Broussard
  17. Lucifer Hands Sons of William
  18. Louisiana Saturday Night The Benjy Davis Project

CD 2:

  1. Machine Gun Baby Meriwether
  2. I Feel Home O.A.R.
  3. Do It With the Lights On The Benjy Davis Project
  4. Give Him Cornbread Beau Jocque And The Zydeco Hi-Rollers
  5. Extra Ordinary Better Than Ezra
  6. Breaking My Back Sons of William
  7. Jenny Says Cowboy Mouth
  8. Look So Easy The Benjy Davis Project
  9. At the Stars Better Than Ezra
  10. Phoenix Down Meriwether
  11. Good Better Than Ezra
  12. Empty House Seth Rung
  13. Make Believe Sons of William
  14. This Time of Year Better Than Ezra
  15. Savannah Sons of William
  16. You Can Leave Your Hat On Marc Broussard
  17. Stay All Night Sons of William
  18. The Rain The Benjy Davis Project


Angie Ledbetter said...

Full of the good local flavors! (My daughter loves Meriwether.) :) I'm soooo old.

Marguerite said...

Well, Kora, that's quite a list! I like mostly Cajun music with a little Zydeco, here and there. Anything by the Bluerunners,Steve Riley, or Balfa Toujours, for the Cajun. And definitely Clifton Chenier, Beau Jacque, or Lil' Buck Sinegal for the Zydeco.

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