Friday, June 26, 2009

Flashback: January 2009

It's Friday night, and while I should be getting ready to go out to Blue Moon Saloon, I'm going through the 12,000+ photos & videos stored on my Touch Smart.

I've been sorting for a few hours and I'm finding all sorts of old photos that make me smile. I was thinking I might even a post a few every now and then as part of a"Flashback Series."

I stumbled across a few videos & photos from earlier this year when RubyLocks & I had a home photo shoot in hopes of coming away with a new Facebook default photo.

They're all a bit silly/posey & quite narcissistic, but they made me smile.

Reporting Live from Le Photoshoot

(Forgive the unsynched sound & feed. It was filmed at the wrong speed.)

There's something fishy about RubyLocks...

Oh yes. We take ourselves oh-so seriously.


rubylocks said...

Oh my, I didn't realize *all* of those would be posted ;) I forgot about the fishiness.

how fun.

We should do this again.

Kora Bruce said...

Ha! That's just a smidge of what we took on the webcam. There are 50+ more where that came from. They're all so silly. And you're right, we must play "photoshoot" soon!

rubylocks said...

Haha, I know!

I like your new background =) I am working on mine. I was actually going to send you links! But I have a sneaking suspicion we might be looking at the same places.