Wednesday, June 17, 2009

25 Summery Things to Do on a Weekday Afternoon

1. Paint a picture, quote, or anything really on a small canvas. Make it something small enough to finish in one afternoon.
2. Blast beach music while doing housework.
3. Lay out in a beach chair and read a magazine or book, even if just for an hour.
4. Make a summery dinner. Try making something similar to what you'd order at a restaurant on the beach.
5. Bake something easy and fun. Only make one dish and make sure it doesn't take hours of prep or hard work.
6. Mix up a pitcher of your favorite warm weather drink (Margaritas, Sangria, Iced Tea, etc.)
7. Give yourself a pedicure in a bright cheery color.
8. Take your dogs for a long leisurely walk around the neighborhood.
9. Treat yourself to a bubble bath complete with tropical scented candles.
10. Unplug for an hour. Turn off all your and hand-held devices and take to the backyard. Layout on a beach towel and block out all distractions and nagging thoughts.
11. Take a nap. Try putting your pillowcase in the freezer beforehand for a little something extra.
12.Rent a fun, summer movie - Mamma Mia, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Dirty Dancing
13. Be a kid. Have ice cream for dinner.
14. Eat dinner outside at home. Have a picnic complete with sandwiches, chips & dip, cookies, and lemonade.
15. Don't feel like cooking? Have dinner at a restaurant that has an outdoor dining space. Take your time. Pretend you're on vacation.
16. Blow bubbles.
17. Go see a band play at the Blue Moon Saloon . At the bar, order your favorite Abita Beer.
18. Grab a snowball from the local snowball stand and enjoy eating it outside.
19. Don't have an outdoor spa? Fill a baby pool with warm water and relax in your "hot tub."
20. Have a small group (2-3 people) over for dinner. Have each person bring one of their favorite summer side dishes or beverage.
21. Set up a sprinkler system in your yard for watering flowerbeds, lawns, or trees. Just so happen to have your swimsuit on under your clothes.
22. Have a "Make Your Own Pizza" Night. Get toppings you love, roll out canned pizza dough, and have a blast.
23. Redecorate with summer in mind. Switch out your usual pillows, change curtains to light sheers in bright colors, and replace a few framed photos with photos from a fun vacation.
24. Designate one day a week for vacation-wear. Break out your favorite tourist-y clothes that you'd normally save for vacation - a bright colored skirt, beaded sandals, flower in your hair, whatever makes you feel sassy.
25. Have a dog wash outdoors. Gather your dogs and bathe them without caring how wet or dirty you get.

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