Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sippin' Saturday: Easy Tabasco Bloody Mary

Welcome to the latest video feature from Dixie Lust - Sippin' Saturdays!

A few Saturdays a month, Dixie Lust Mixologist MTher will show us how to make some of his favorite drinks.

This week he's bringing us an EASY Tabasco Bloody Mary.

Don't have Tabasco Brand Products sold in your area? They (and tons more of Tabasco Products) can all be found here

Also? If you have any suggestions for drinks you'd like to be featured on the site, leave it in the comments and we'll be sure to get to them!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Where Y'at Friday

The fields at Avery Island, via Garden & Gun

WHERE Y'AT:  The Spice Island
WHAT IT IS: A little bit of history on the McIlhenny Family, the Tabasco Brand, and Avery Island (part of my hometown!) as well as some amazing photos of Bird City, the Tabasco Process, and Jungle Gardens.

WHERE Y'AT: The Pork is in the Mail
WHAT IT IS: Garden and Gun ranks the 10 Best Mail Order Foods of the South

WHERE Y'AT: The PoBoy Patent
WHAT IT IS: Dirty Coast Press brings me yet another shirt I need. Like. Right. Now.

WHERE Y'AT: Marc Broussard on Sound Spike
WHAT IT IS: Marc Broussard talks about his new album, his wife, and his new tour. + Tour Dates!

WHERE Y'AT: The Prairie
WHAT IT IS: A gorgeous shabby-chic Bed & Breakfast between Houston & Austin, TX.

WHERE Y'AT: Trampled By Turtles
WHAT IT IS: How can I not like a bearded man playing a banjo singing about New Orleans?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Evacuation Nation in Full Effect

Yesterday afternoon there was an explosion in the Gulf chemical explosion less than a mile from my house. Multi Chem, a company that makes chemicals for oilfield use, had a little clusterfreak that resulted in this:

So in the meantime, I'm under evacuation.

With road closures and evacuation notices, the rest of the family and my puppy are in New Iberia while I've been somewhat stuck in Lafayette.

I'm cranky. I'm tired. And I'm not sure if my makeshift Target outfit is a dress or a beach cover-up.

That being said,
I have amazing friends.

to MTher & SKing
for giving me a place to stay and taking care of me.

xo xo

Go here if you want to find out more about the explosion.

Elitists: Day Two of Brewmasters International Beer Festival

Yesterday, I caught you guys up on Day 1 of the Brewmasters International Beer Festival that SKing and I attended last September.

Today, I'm bringing you Day Two - also known as VIP Day.

If you guys don't remember, I entered a Twitter Contest for VIP Tickets to the Brewlicious Beer & Food Tasting event.

My contest entry

Wellllllll... I won!

SKing and I loaded up the Audi once again and headed back down to Galveston.

We first met up with @JoshInHouston for our VIP Passes and some free Nikita Swag!

We headed into the Moody Gardens Ballroom, a little nervous and shy -until we saw the Applewood Bacon Wrapped Quail with a Pomegranate Glaze made by the chefs at Bernardo's. We. Love. All. Things. Quail. We washed it down with a sampling of New Belgium Mother Ship Wit, an organic wheat beer.

Next was Hofbrau Dunkel paired with Baby Short Ribs, Polenta, and Micro Greens by the folks at South Shore Harbor Resort
Comfort food done bougie in all the right ways!

Nikita Table Cards & a Beer App?!

What photos are missing here? The gorgeous guy pushing Harpoon Cider Beer.

As we have a special place in our hearts for cider beer (our friendship truly began over pints of Wood Chuck Amber) we saw the Harpoon Hottie and thought it was a match made in heaven. Once we made our way over to the booth, we learned a few important lessons. Mainly, all cider beers were not created equal and the booth with the hottest rep usually has the worst beer. I believe our review was along the lines of "dirty dish water." Yech!

Green Eyed Susan Macaroons - a Houston company that hand-makes gluten / preservative free macaroons.

ESB Cheese Soup with Citruc Creme Fraiche paired with Redhook ESB by Stone Kitchen

We'll cam-whore in a crowded room, no worries.

There were seminars throughout the day, hilarious booth workers, and of course our beloved Woodchuck paired with eclairs and other sweets from Moody Gardens.

We circled around a bit before we found this booth, but finally we found the Citrus Pork Belly Lollipop on a Sugar Cane Stick from Voice Restaurant & Lounge. I read about it online beforehand and couldn't wait to try it. This was hands-down our favorite dish. It was paired with St. Arnold's Elissa IPA which is made right in Houston.

We also got to try some sliders and empanadas!

We also spotted Abita's SOS: Save Our Shore as we made a few new friends.

All in all, it was the perfect laid back follow up to Brewmasters International Beer Festival Day 1. SKing and I not only enjoyed all the yummy beer and food pairings, but thanks to my contest winning entry, we also got to enjoy VIP treatment that included larger tasting glasses, a special VIP seating area, and early entry.

With September drawing closer, you can bet we're already making plans to attend this year's festival.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lushes: Day One of Brewmasters International Beer Festival

Since SKing and LMac spent the weekend relaxing away in Galveston, TX , I thought one of my first catch up (read: I have 10 months of happenings to fill you in on) posts should be about SKing & I's trip to the First Annual Brewmasters International Beer Festival in Galveston back in September.

For some added company, we had Nate and Ninja meet us at Moody Gardens for the event. Once the boys arrived, we walked through the event doors and were given a sampling mug and a punch card.

The room was filled wall to wall with sampling booths - arranged by brewing company. Each brewing company brought a few of their favorite beers for us to sample, which was a little overwhelming at first since there were literally HUNDREDS of beers. Eventually, we just started asking the brewery representatives to serve us up a sample of their favorite.

The entire day was a blur - both in the sense that it flew by and we drank quite a bit. hahah

That being said, I'll leave you guys with photos from the day....

Post Brewmasters, we had dinner at Gaidos - yeah I'm really not sure how it's pronounced - where I somehow lost a contact in the sink.

Since I wear circle lenses it was a total "Hello Hot Mess" moment...

Notice my contact-less wonky eye. *Le Sigh*

Anyhooooo - Tune in tomorrow for Day 2 of Brewmasters International Beer Festival

3828 Seawall Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77550
(409) 762-9625

Monday, June 13, 2011

Beer Candles Are the ONLY Candles Worth Having

That's right folks, this weekend marked the two year anniversary of my first post.

Taking a little time off from blogging recently hasn't made this two year mark any less special - because we've been keeping Dixie Lust going strong in spirit over here.

I started this blog as a way to show not only y'all but myself as well all that the South has to offer. No more "I'm bored", "There's nothing to do around here....", or "I wish I lived in a cooler city." The possibilities are endless - some of them just need to be re-discovered.

And we're here to do just that.

In the spirit of renewed dedication to blogging, MTher, LyLa and I got together Saturday to work on a few new video features for Dixie Lust. Before we called it a night, we made a little wish and had some cake.

"Let's Mess With Texas" Tee via Storyville

Countless people and places have made these past few years phenomenal, including:

You the readers, LyLa, MTher, SKing, Ninja, My Parents, My Brother & Sister in Law, Gentleman Caller, Katie from Offswitch Designs, J from the Bees Knees Baby, Summer from Bon Temps Athena, Benny-fits, KS from While We're Waiting, My Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins, the Folks at Best Buy, Stephanie, Fine Thread Art, Hotel Derek, JCor, ALin, Storvyville, Dirty Coast Press, the Twitter Following, Wine Loft, Tap Room, Marc Broussard, The TA Truckstop, the Cities Lafayette, Houston, Boca Raton, New Orleans, Birmingham, Baton Rouge and so so so many more.

Thanks to all of you.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little Thing 56

Being reminded of gorgeous Louisiana sunsets

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trend Watch Tuesday

Also, You guys can find me posting on style and fashion over at The Bee's Knees Blog for

5 Reasons: AHill Loves New Orleans

One of, hopefully, many video segments from Dixie Lust

Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Thing 55

Stumbling across fantastic photos - like this one - that contain all my favorite people.

Boca Raton, FL
July 26, 2010